How To Choose An Acupressure Mat From All The Available Brands Out There

How To Choose An Acupressure Mat From All The Available Brands Out There!?!


So it has now been about 4 to 5 years since acupressure mats first appeared on the US markets and there are now over a dozen, maybe even a few of dozen different kinds of acupressure mats on the market.

Just by looking at acupressure mats online, they may all look pretty much the same  to you, however, aside from the obvious differences such as the number of spikes on the acupressure mats and the size of the mats,  there may be (and are) some significant differences in quality and materials between acupressure mat brands,  which do not show online photos.
So to start wit lets discuss the number of spikes on the mats.  Most “full sized” regular mats on the market are about the same size.  27 X 17 X 1 inches.  These mats usually come with either about  6,200 spikes, or 8,800 spikes.  The difference between the two is as follows:

A.  The fewer the spikes (6.200), the more body weight there is on the spikes with the possibility in a deeper (more painful) stimulation of the skin and acupressure points in the body.  With fewer spikes, it also stimulates less of a surface and may hit fewer acupressure points in the body.

B.  The more spikes there are on the acupressure mat (8,800), the more skin area is stimulated with the possibility of more acupressure points being stimulated.   The spikes may also not push as deeply into the skin because there are more spikes to hold the body weight and may be less painful to lie on acupressure mat with more spikes.
It has been said that the mats with 8,800 spikes are the choice for first time users of acupressure mats whereas the mats with 6,200 or less points are for advanced acupressure mat users or people with higher tolerance.

In regards to Quality and Materials, some of the cheaper mats available on the market use lower quality fabrics as opposed to some of the slightly higher priced acupressure mats.  Why is this important?  Well, first off, the acupressure mat will last you a lot longer when it is made with good quality materials.  The Heavenly acupressure mats for example have a five (5) year warranty on their mats and pillows, whereas some other have a 30 day warranty.   The Spoonk mats offer acupressure mats made with a hemp/cotton fabric that we think is fantastic.  The Pranamat Eco offers mats with linen fabric and filled coconut fiber instead of foam rubber for those that don’t mind spending a bit more for a more for an exceptional acupressure mat.
STAY AWAY from any acupressure mats made WITH GLUE.  Many of the cheaper mats use toxic glue to connect the spikes to the fabric.  Oftentimes the glue used on these mats have a very strong  chemical / glue when you open the bag the mats come in.

Remember that paying a few bucks more for a good quality acupressure mat that you will last you many years is a good investment in your health and long term savings.

Here are some acupressure mats made with good quality materials and without glue (as of the writing of this post):

Heavenly Acupressure Mat
Spoonk Mat
Pranamat Eco
Nayoya Acupresure Mat
Halsa Mat
Yantra Mat
Style Wellness Mat
Bed Of Nails Mat

Hope this post was helpful.  Please leave a comment or any questions you may have.
Now go  get yourself an acupressure mat and get poked   :)    It is heavenly!






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