Acupressure Therapy Mat PINK by Deluxe Comfort - Reviewed


Acupressure Therapy Mats by DELUXE COMFORT – Reviewed


The Acupressure Therapy Mat PINK by Deluxe Comfort is is sold for about40 to 50% less than the other top selling brands, so we were curios and excited to try it out.  We ordered the acupressure mats on and received them about 10 days later.

The first thing that was noticed was that this acupressure mat had a very strong smell of glue – a very unpleasant smell for a product one is to lay on to relax and improve ones health with.   The smell was in fact from strong glue that they used to attach the plastic spikes onto the mat with.

The next obvious thing noticed was that the cloth used to make the Deluxe Comfort acupressure mats was of a lower quality when compared to the other acupressure mats reviewed.   We went back and read up on the other acupressure mats we have reviewed and they all manufacture their acupressure mats without glue by using heat to attach the spikes to their mats.  You get what you pay for and we were very disappointed with the quality of the mat received from Deluxe Comfort and returned them.

Acupressure Therapy Mats by DELUXE COMFORT – NOT RECOMMENDED!

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This product is not recommended!
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